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2010 Winter Marillac Clinic Director's Corner

Local support continues to be crucial to offset unprecedented state funding cuts...


As we begin 2010, our clinic faces unprecedented funding challenges. Last year, the state of Colorado provided nearly one-sixth of the clinic’s revenue (nearly $1 M) for programs that address the health care needs of uninsured and low-to-middle income Mesa County residents. This year, due to the state’s own revenue crisis, state funding to Marillac will be reduced by $750,000. 

Marillac is currently making an urgent appeal to individuals and organizations that have supported us in the past. The Clinic was founded from our community’s desire to provide essential primary care to uninsured residents with low and moderate incomes. We will continue our mission despite these state cuts. In 2010, the Grand Junction and Palisade clinics anticipate providing 14,000 medical visits, 2200 mental health visits, 2100 optical visits, and 11,100 dental visits to more than 8000 individuals. 

The Clinic has received national acclaim for our model of integrated care, our stewardship, and innovative and effective programs. We’ve also implemented an open access model so eligible patients can come to the clinic rather than the emergency room for their immediate health care needs. A new Electronic Health Records system will yield even greater savings and efficiencies. (see page five of this report).

I urge all of our many generous friends to consider increasing the amount of support you provide Marillac, if it is within your means to do so. I hope that you will consider the value of our services and how the Clinic helps reduce the costs of health care for all of us and provides hope to so many hard-working families and individuals. 

Your increased support will help the Clinic continue to serve as a medical home that provides high quality, primary health care. The last thing Marillac wants to do is refuse people who qualify for services and send them to local emergency rooms to obtain the care they need. We truly are a community that cares for one another. 

Thank you for considering this request. It is such an incredible honor to lead this dedicated group of health care providers, volunteers and donors. We are truly blessed to live in a community that has committed to provide a local solution to our national health care crises. I know that we will only grow stronger together as we join to meet this historic challenge. Thank you for whatever you can do to help. 

Please consider an additional gift today. When you help a less fortunate neighbor access quality health care, you make our community a better place for all of us to live! 

The need has never been greater. Every gift makes a difference! Visit us at, or call Claudia Crowell at 970.298.2234.