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Edesia 2017 Fundraiser

Eat, Drink & Be Generous

On Sunday April 2nd, savor the best food and drink in the Valley at the beautiful Wine Country Inn in Palisade and support Marillac. Reserve your tickets and more information. 

A Holiday Message to our Community Friends

Healing love... Heartfelt peace... A giving heart...

New life and growth inspire us! Assisted by philanthropic organizations and donors like you, in 2016 Marillac Clinic welcomed over 5,000 NEW PATIENTS OF ALL AGES. We will serve a total of nearly 9,500 of our community neighbors, a 74% INCREASE OVER 2015.

As a Community Health Center, Marillac now provides a full scope of medical services for lower to moderate income families, many with Medicaid. Marillac’s convenient model of care includes medical, behavioral, dental and optical services — as well as discounted eyeglasses and medications. In today’s complicated, fast-moving world, Marillac is truly the welcoming health care home it was designed to be.

Our Family Story, as told by Craig

When we found out we were pregnant it came as a surprise. There was an incredible amount of stress to figure out our finances, but the one thing that stayed the same were the services of Marillac Clinic.

I cannot imagine working with anyone better than Dr. Lovett. Every single time we met with her, she explained our options. Even at 36 weeks when we learned the baby was in a breech position, she helped us to feel con dent. She taught us about natural approaches to help the baby turn.

And turn, it did!

Jennifer carried the baby for the full 40 weeks. We were so happy that Dr. Lovett returned from an out of town trip in time for the birth. She came to the hospital in the middle of the night.

Dr. Lovett followed our birth plan and eased Jennifer’s pain through positioning and medication. When our son , Douglas, was born the room ignited with joy! And now, each time we enter Marillac, my family is greeted with smiles and excitement!

Community Health Centers like Marillac Clinic are recognized for providing exceptional services to mothers-to-be, which results in healthier birth weights. Marillac welcomed 24 newborns so far in 2016, with three more expected by year’s end. Craig and Jennifer found the care and reassurance they needed within Marillac Clinic.

At this time of year when so many of us seek to nd the real spirit of the season and a meaningful way to celebrate, we invite you to make a gift of health care for deserving individuals and families like Craig and Jennifer who turn to us every year.

Your generosity will keep Marillac growing and thriving in 2017. Thank you! Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Kay Ramachandran
Chief Executive Officer 

Lee Gaglione, DDS
Chair, Board of Directors 

Marillac Clinic Celebrates Community Health Center Week 2016

On Monday, August 8, 2016, The Mesa County Commissioners proclaimed the week of August 7-13, 2016 as “Community Health Center Week in Mesa County”. Marillac Clinic is marking National Health Center Week 2016 as part of a weeklong campaign (August 7-13) to raise awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s Health Centers the largest and most successful system of primary healthcare.

One of the bright spots in America’s health care system, health centers started 50 years ago as a pilot project during President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty. Today, they have compiled a significant record of success that includes:


  • Reducing income and ethnic health disparities nationwide, even in the poorest and most challenged communities
  • Reducing infant mortality rates
  • Producing $24 billion in annual health system savings
  • Reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and unnecessary visits to the ER
  • Maintaining patient satisfaction levels of nearly 100 percent


Health centers serve more than 24 million people nationwide – that’s one in 13 Americans, including 7 million children and 260,000 veterans.  Health centers are also increasingly becoming the trusted provider of choice for many families, whether they are insured or not.    Evidence shows patients choose health centers because they are convenient, affordable, and offer a range of services from a team of caring professionals.


Marillac Clinic has operated as a safety net clinic since 1988 serving thousands of low income, uninsured and underinsured individuals and families in Mesa County.  In May 2015, Marillac Clinic was awarded the Federally Qualified Community Health Center designation. Marillac continues to grow and expand to meet the ever increasing need for health care services to our most vulnerable in Mesa County.


“Every day in our waiting rooms I witness the value of having a patient-centered health care home,” said Kay Ramachandran, Chief Executive Director.  “When people have a place to go for regular care, they use it and stay healthier. We provide a range of services onsite – primary care services, prenatal, pediatrics, adults and seniors; dentistry, behavioral health and optical services.  Our patients not only get the care they need under one roof, but they are treated as individuals, with dignity and respect.  We have two permanent locations.  Our main clinic on North 6th next to St. Mary’s Hospital and our second clinic co-located at the Mesa County Health Department.  This is what health care should be, and what we celebrate during Community Health Center Week.” 

To learn more about Marillac Clinic, please visit:

National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) at

Colorado Community Health Network at

Proclamation CHC Week

2015 Annual Report

2015 has been a year of monumental growth and transformation for Marillac Clinic, and we are elated!

Marillac Clinic has a national reputation for leading and creating innovative solutions in the field of primary health care. We continue in that approach and believe the changes we have brought into the Clinic positively benefit the individuals and families that rely on our services. With this type of care, the uninsured and underinsured can return to work, support their family, prevent further illnesses, and be an asset to our society. 

Please read our full 2015 Annual Report.

You can also read our 2014 Annual Report

$25,000 Check Presented

6th Annual Edesia fundraiser benefits Marillac Clinic

The major sponsors for Edesia: A Palisade Culinary, Wine & Spirits Adventure at Wine Country Inn on April 3, presented a $25,000 check to the Marillac Clinic Board of Directors at the April meeting on Tuesday.

Marillac Executive Director Kay Ramachandran accepted the donation from Ben VanHoose, vice president of Alpine Bank and Anne Tally, co-owner of the Wine Country Inn. This year’s donation brings the total monies raised for the clinic to an impressive $111,000 over six years.

Edesia is presented by Alpine Bank in conjunction with Wine Country Inn to benefit Marillac Clinic, which provides medical, dental and behavioral health services for the Medicaid, Medicare, uninsured and under-insured residents of the Grand Valley. St Mary’s Medical Center joined Alpine and WCI this year as a major sponsor of the event, an alliance which the organizers welcome whole-heartedly.

“We really appreciate the way St. Mary’s stepped up to support Edesia,” emphasizes Tally. “They and Alpine Bank are great partners.”

Other sponsors include KKCO11News, the Vault 100.7, Magic 93.1, Shamrock Foods, Peczuh Printing, FCI Constructors, Absolute Prestige Limousine Service, Suzi Productions, Eagle River Associates, Country Elegance Florists, Uniform Junction, the Palisade Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Palisade.

In accepting the $25,000, Executive Director Ramachandran commented: “Nothing smells and tastes more like community philanthropy than the Edesia event. It gives you that warm feeling of giving, contributing, taking care of the marginalized in your own community and, above all, bringing a diverse group together to make the event the great success that it is.

“Our deepest gratitude to the Tally family for conceptualizing this event and keeping it unique and intimate at the same time. The donation goes directly to support our patient services which, for the next few years, is an aggressive growing phase to meet the substantial needs of our community.”

“Our family is passionate about supporting Marillac Clinic because of the many people we know who use its services,” responds Tally. “Those dollars translate into real time care for so many patients who might fall through the cracks. Marillac is there to help.”

The theme for Edesia 2016 was “Colorado Proud” and featured local and Colorado foods, vendors and Culinary All Star Chefs Griff Chiono, Josh Niernberg, and Brunella Gualerzi, Michael Gonzales and Joshua Roberts, who created a special menu for the VIP Luncheon, then demonstrated their skills for participants in the afternoon.

“I think we can safely say that besides being a resounding fund-raising success, Edesia was an entertaining event featuring local goods and talent that our guests enjoyed a great deal,” Tally adds.

Edesia 2017 is scheduled for Sunday, April 2, she points out. “Stay tuned for more details.” 

Valentine's Day Fundraiser Success

The 6th Annual Gifts From The Heart Valentine's Day Fundraiser was another success partnering with Callie Ash, Owner of Baker's Boutique.  Over 550 boxes of delicious gourmet cupcakes were sold over Valentine's Day to benefit Marillac Clinic.  Overall the fundraiser raised over $6,600 to benefit programs at Marillac Clinic.

Marillac Clinic hopes to double its number of patients served

Our decision to become an FQ-CHC, the local need for primary care, Doctors McCrea and Buisker from the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, March 15, 2016

The Marillac Clinic has posted a sign announcing that they are welcoming new patients and have expanded their services to include prenatal care and pediatics.
 Dr. John Whiteside
Dr. John Whiteside, medical director of the Marillac Clinic, describes the expanded services the clinic now offers at its two sites.

By Melinda Mawdsley
From the Daily Sentinel Monday, March 14, 2016

The message is simple but potentially life-altering for western Colorado: “New Patients Welcome!”

For the first time in its 28-year history, Marillac Clinic has expanded its services and is accepting patients of all ages, including children and seniors, no matter what insurance, if any, they have.

The shift in care to include obstetrics, prenatal, pediatrics and family medicine for seniors, as well as optical and dental services for all ages while still treating adults 18 to 64, is a direct result of the clinic being named a federally qualified health center in May 2015.

Marillac’s board of directors made the decision to apply for such designation in October 2014 in a sort of crossroads moment: the realization that the ongoing recession was keeping the clinic’s primary source of income — grants — in limbo and that implementing the Affordable Care Act would drop the rate of uninsured while increasing the population on Medicaid.

Marillac has always served the under-insured and uninsured of Mesa County, but the designation paved the way for annual federal grant funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

It also meant a significant bump in the reimbursement rate for treating Medicaid and Medicare patients, while also ensuring Marillac offered a sliding fee discount program based on need.

When Marillac learned it achieved FQHC status it set in motion a swift change to serve all ages at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty line.

To be at the 200 percent federal poverty line in 2015, annual income was $23,540 for an individual and $48,500 for a family of four. People get closer to qualifying for Medicaid as annual income drops.

Marillac hired new physicians and announced that the clinic was accepting new patients, offering comprehensive primary and preventative care from birth to death, or before in the case of prenatal patients.

Prior to 2015, Marillac did not see any Medicare patients and a limited number of Medicaid patients.

“When it comes to families under 200 percent poverty level, a great deal of their health, and one of the largest determinants of their health, is social — getting transportation to regular medical care, language barriers, where they live, exposure to toxins,” said Dr. John Whiteside, chief medical officer at Marillac.

When barriers to accessing health care are put up, including ability to pay or ability to find a physician who will take certain insurance, patients either won’t seek treatment or will use emergency rooms as doctor offices, Whiteside said.

“If we’re successful, it will be transformative to Mesa County in that all of a sudden, these working poor families actually have access to high quality care,” he said. “We are taking on new patients very quickly and growing very fast. We are seeing a bunch of adolescents who have never had an immunization shot in their life.”

Marillac’s push to become financially sustainable and expand services is because the need to serve the uninsured and under-insured is real.

According to the Mesa County Health Department, approximately 33 percent of county residents live below 200 percent of the federal poverty line. In Colorado, that rate is 29 percent.

More than 45,200 Mesa County residents are on Medicaid and more than 1,700 children are CHP+ members, the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing reported at the end of January.

Last year, that same department showed the rate of under-insured in the county was 22 percent, up from 15.6 percent in 2013.

The call to provide medical services to this population is why Whiteside took the job in 2014, even though the future of Marillac at that time was unclear.

Since the FQHC designation, Marillac has hired three doctors and three nurse practitioners on top of the dental and optical services already in place.

Two of those doctors, Dr. Katie McCrea and Dr. Elizabeth Buisker, joined Marillac in August.

McCrea knew Whiteside from his time as associate director of St. Mary’s Family Residency Program. After her residency at St. Mary’s, McCrea went to New Zealand to work around universal health care.

When she heard Whiteside accepted a position at Marillac and learned about the changes the clinic had implemented, she was in.

“I enjoy taking care of children and the whole family,” McCrea said. “That fact that we can do that is really exciting.”

Buisker, on the other hand, spent several years in Meeker, practicing medicine in a rural setting before moving to Grand Junction. She did her residency in Denver.

“I’m super excited to be involved at this point, knowing all the changes you are going to be in the middle of and having a real say in,” Buisker said.

Last year, Marillac saw 5,600 people between its primary location on Sixth Street and its clinic at the Mesa County Health Department, 510 29 1/2 Road.

This year, Whiteside said Marillac’s providers want to see 11,000 patients.

Doubling in size in one year is bold, but Whiteside said Marillac already is looking to add staff and offer more services at its Health Department location due to demand.

“It really is herculean and amazing how much we’ve done in a year,” he said. “We had hoped we would be selected as a federally qualified health center, and it is pretty phenomenal that we were selected. There were 700 practices or so that started the application process. Of the 140 awarded, 120 of them were only for extensions. There are 20 new sites, and Marillac was one of them.”

Marillac’s primary location at 2333 N. Sixth St. is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and Friday and from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday. That clinic can be reached at 298-1782.

The county clinic is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday. It can be reached at 298-1782.


‘It’s not paper, it’s people,’ Marillac pediatrician says

A profile of Dr. Tarpey -- why she became a pediatrician and what drew her to Marillac Clinic from the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel:  March 13, 2016By Melinda Mawdsley 

Dr. Moriah Tarpey
Dr. Moriah Tarpey is Marillac Clinic’s first pediatrician. “Every day here, I feel like there’s at least one person who I can look at and say, ‘This is the reason I’m here today,’” Tarpey said.

Amber Barnett
Amber Barnett holds her 11-month-old son Malakai Nelson during an appointment with Dr. Moriah Tarpey at Marillac Clinic, 2333 N. Sixth St. Tarpey is the clinic’s first pediatrician.

Dr. Moriah Tarpey 2
Dr. Moriah Tarpey, left, talks with first time parents Amber Barnett and Richard Nelson after an appointment for their 11-month-old son, Malakai. Pediatrics is “an area of medicine where there’s hope for change in the future,” Tarpey says.

 Malakai Nelson just woke up from a nap. He wasn’t much in the mood for games.

Eventually, however, as Dr. Moriah Tarpey checked the 11-month-old’s vision with what looked like a colorful wand, Malakai came out of his post-sleep haze and grabbed it.

“How is he doing with language?” Tarpey asked Malakai’s parents, Amber Barnett and Richard Nelson, while Malakai sat on his mother’s lap playing.

“He says, ‘dada’ a lot,” Barnett said.

“I just love his chubby marshmallow hands,” Tarpey said sweetly, looking into Malakai’s eyes.

Speaking of baby weight, Barnett and Nelson had some questions for Tarpey about introducing cow’s milk.

Should they give their chubby baby whole milk? Should they warm it up?

“They ask detailed questions,” Tarpey said with a smile. “I love that.”

Don’t worry about baby weight, Tarpey assured first-time parents Barnett and Nelson. Babies need the fat of whole milk for brain development. Once Malakai’s mobility increases, he’ll lose weight.

As for milk temperature? Pay attention to what he likes. Some babies dislike cold cow’s milk as they transition from breast milk or formula, Tarpey said.

“She’s very honest,” Nelson said. “I love that about her. If she doesn’t know something, she’ll figure it out for you.”

Tarpey, 38, has been Malakai’s pediatrician for months but practiced as a pediatrician in the Grand Valley for nearly seven years. In 2015, she joined Marillac Clinic, 2333 N. Sixth St., after it was named a Federally Qualified Community Health Center, paving the way for the facility to see more children for medical visits.

Marillac Clinic’s new focus to care for people from birth (and even before with prenatal visits) to death came at the perfect time for Tarpey, who as recently as 2014 was in talks to start a local, nonprofit clinic for children in the same model as the Church Health Center based in Memphis, Tennessee.

Tarpey did her residency in Memphis and became familiar with the center’s mission offering quality, affordable health care for working, uninsured people and their families. The center is one of the largest faith-based health care organizations of its type in the United States, according to

Tarpey reached out to the center for advice and guidance on starting a replication clinic in Grand Junction. She even learned about a funding company in Texas.

With changes to the Affordable Care Act, however, Tarpey’s funding was put on hold in January 2015. She wanted to serve the uninsured or under-insured people of western Colorado but was left wondering how.

Then she received a phone call from Dr. John Whiteside, the chief medical officer at Marillac Clinic. He told Tarpey the local clinic, which up until that point had only served uninsured and under-insured adults, was looking to expand services into prenatal, obstetrics and pediatrics.

Would she be interested in coming on board as the clinic’s first pediatrician?

“I wanted to know if I even needed to interview,” Tarpey joked.

Tarpey’s desire to serve the working poor dates back to her childhood in rural Illinois as the daughter of Jim and Marsha Heyen. Her father was an auto mechanic who taught vocational classes for teenagers who weren’t bound for college. Her mother was a Macoupin County public health worker.

Her parents both showed compassion and love toward everyone they worked with, qualities Tarpey admired.

“It was in my awareness as a kid there was a lot of poverty surrounding us, and we weren’t too far from it either,” she said.

When Tarpey enrolled at St. Louis University, a Jesuit university in Missouri, she was interested in both the sciences and theology.

When she took a nurse assistant position as a side job during college, however, Tarpey was exposed to the importance of quality paPhotos by CHRISTOPHER TOMLINSON/The Daily Sentinel

Dr. Moriah Tarpey is Marillac Clinic’s first pediatrician. “Every day here, I feel like there’s at least one person who I can look at and say, ‘This is the reason I’m here today,’ ” Tarpey said.tient care for all demographics.

“I feel like so many physicians end up in medical school and haven’t actually touched a person and done the work they order,” Tarpey said.

Midway through her undergraduate time at St. Louis University, she declared her major as pre-med and was eventually accepted to five medical schools, selecting St. Louis University but deferring enrollment for a year so she could drive her grandmother to chemotherapy.

Her grandmother would introduce Tarpey to people as “Moriah, my granddaughter who’s going to be a doctor.”

“Seeing that perspective as a patient and family, I realized how important it was to have a good bedside manner,” Tarpey said.

When Tarpey started medical school in 2001, she was drawn to pediatrics thanks to the top-notch pediatricians she was surrounded by while working at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, a St. Louis-based hospital that serves the poor as part of its mission.

In 2005, she became Dr. Moriah Tarpey, just as her grandmother foretold.

While in medical school, Tarpey met her eventual husband, Dr. Jeffrey Tarpey. They both moved to Memphis for residency.

“When my husband was like 8 years old, he used to come out to Ouray from Chicago,” Tarpey said. “There was a point where he met the mayor of the town who asked him, ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ Jeff wanted to be a doctor and the mayor said he could be a doctor in Ouray, Colorado. He set his sights on that.”

While in Memphis, they looked for a community close to Ouray that could support two physicians.

Grand Junction, it was.

In 2009, Jeffrey Tarpey was offered a hospitalist position at St. Mary’s Hospital, and Moriah Tarpey moved into private practice, taking a position at Dino Peds, where she saw for the first time the business-side of primary care.

After a couple years, the couple’s second son, Sean, arrived, joining his older brother, Liam, who was born in Memphis. The boys are now 4 and 8.

Tarpey then moved to Western Colorado Pediatric Associates.

However, after the couple’s third son, Finn, arrived — he’s now 2 — Tarpey quickly realized the strain her work was putting on the family.

“My little guy wouldn’t eat,” she said. “I realized I wasn’t where I needed to be.”

Tarpey left private practice in February 2014 to take care of her boys, and, as Finn grew up a bit, her desire to resume medical practice also grew.

That’s when plans fell through for the children’s clinic, which led her to Marillac Clinic.

“Every day here, I feel like there’s at least one person who I can look at and say, ‘This is the reason I’m here today,’ ” Tarpey said. “I feel like the mission of this office and this group is apparent in everything we do. I’ve never worked in a setting like that before. The focus is service. It’s not paper, it’s people.”

Whiteside said the decision to hire Tarpey was an easy one.

“She’s an experienced pediatrician,” he said. “In doctor speak, from a hiring perspective, first, she comes from a good school and has excellent training. Second, is her passion for serving the under-served.”

In Tarpey’s experience, children are some of the most vulnerable patients in need of quality care, particularly children living at or below the poverty line. Emergency rooms are not a place to track a child’s development. That’s what she’s for, Tarpey said.

“She spends quite a bit of time talking to her patients and gets down to the bottom of patient concerns,” said Tania Acevedo, Tarpey’s medical assistant at Marillac Clinic. “She doesn’t just go in and say, ‘What do you want today?’ We have tough patients, and she manages to pull it off with a smile. She’s amazing.”

Tarpey is accepting new patients and is in the office from 
8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. She wants to build a rapport with parents so they feel comfortable enough to ask questions and don’t hesitate to bring children in for routine dental check-ups, eye exams and childhood wellness check-ups no matter their income.

Pediatrics is “an area of medicine where there’s hope for change in the future,” Tarpey said when discussing the value of getting youth of all income levels on healthy lifestyle tracks. “I knew I wanted to end up in the nonprofit world at some point. Every stepping stone has been toward this opportunity. Even growing up, that’s what I saw my parents do. They had a heart for people less fortunate. I’ve never felt so blessed, honestly.”


White Ribbon Leadership Award

Marillac representatives accept the White Ribbon Leadership Award for past Board Chairperson, Jan Rohr
White Ribbon Leadership Award

Jan Rohr

On Thursday, March 17, Marillac Clinic Board of Directors Past Chairperson, Jan Rohr, won the 2016 Board Member of the Year Award at the 15th Annual White Ribbon Breakfast, hosted by the Community Impact Council.

This prestigious award, which is presented annually during Colorado NonProfit Week, recognizes exceptional philanthropic contributions by a Governing Board in Mesa County.  The award demonstrates outstanding commitment to philanthropy to a local nonprofit.   Jan was nominated and won the award based on her exemplary leadership and gift of time, as well as her instrumental leadership of the board toward consensus to become a Federally Qualified Health Center in Mesa County.   Jan has served on the board for over 13 years and has fulfilled many leadership roles and responsibilities.    Marillac Clinic also received a $1000 check from Community Impact Council  for the award.  Jan was out of state for the event and not able to be there in person.  Some of the Marillac staff and a board member received the award on her behalf.

Give Kids a Smile!

An annual one-day event to provide FREE education and preventive dental care to uninsured children. Scheduled for Thursday, March 3, 2016.

Ages 12 months to 18 years old 


Appointments every 50 minutes...

8:00 am to 5:00 pm Thursday, March 3, 2016

Call Marillac Clinic today to schedule!


Marillac’s 2014 Annual Report

Blazing Trails for Today and Tomorrow

Blazing a trail means “marking a new beginning.” In 2014 Marillac Clinic’s new beginnings were rather seismic. We opened a brand new site co-located with the Mesa County Health Department and made the momentous decision to pursue becoming a Federally-Qualified Community Health Center (CHC). In addition to submitting the comprehensive CHC applica- tion, new board members, including patient members, were seated; a full time Quality Manager was hired; and a dynamic new Chief Medical Officer arrived on the scene with vision, positivity and passion! 

Please read all about Marillac's Trail Blazing in our Annual Report.

Marillac in the News for Community Health Center Week

Marillac in the News for Community Health Center Week

Celebrating Community Health Center Week

Community Health Center Week was a busy time for the Marillac Clinic!

The Daily Sentinel ran two articles about the Marillac Clinic this week:


KREX TV broadcast the news story:


We received a proclamation from he Mesa County Commissioners, and Marillac joined the Colorado Community Heath Network

Mesa County Proclaims Community Health Center Week

The Mesa County Commissioners meeting this morning presented the Proclamation for Community Health Center Week in Mesa County. Receiving proclamation:  John Whiteside, MD, Chief Medical Officer – Marillac Clinic and Kay Ramachandran, Executive Director, with Commissioner John Justman.

Marillac joins the Colorado Community Health Network

Marillac joins the Colorado Community Health Network

Colorado Community Health Network

Colorado’s Newest Community Health Center Welcomed to CCHN

Board Votes Unanimously to Make Marillac Clinic a Member

 Denver, Colo.—The Colorado Community Health Network Board of Directors voted unanimously at their meeting today to welcome Marillac Clinic as CCHN’s newest member. Marillac, located in Grand Junction since 1988, was newly designated as a federally qualified Community Health Center (CHC) in May 2015.  

 As a federally qualified CHC, Marillac received a grant from the U.S. Bureau of Primary Health Care that will help Marillac expand to care for as many as 12,600 patients, up from the current 6,800. The grant will also help Marillac to serve patients from birth to death, an expansion from previously serving only patients 18 to 64 years old. Grand Junction community leaders, the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Kansas, and St. Mary’s Hospital, founded Marillac over 27 years ago to deliver medical services to uninsured people, using a small staff and many volunteer providers. Today, Marillac provides not only primary medical services but also mental health, dental, and optical services.

“We are thrilled with Marillac Clinic’s designation as a federally qualified Community Health Center. Their model of care and approach to serving patients is a great fit for the CHC model, and Marillac has done inspiring work for years for the residents of Mesa County,” said Annette Kowal, president and chief executive officer of CCHN, the association of Colorado Community Health Centers.

“This year is the 50th anniversary of the Community Health Center program. Like many of Colorado’s other Community Health Centers, Marillac has been providing high quality primary health care to people who would not otherwise have had access to it. We have partnered with Marillac in many ways over the years and were happy to work with them as they explored the Community Health Center model. We look forward to working with them as the Community Health Center movement moves forward.”

# # #

To learn more about Marillac Clinic, please visit, or contact Kristy Schmidt, Community & Donor Relations Director,  (970) 298-2877.

To interview Ms. Kowal, please contact Maureen Maxwell at (303) 861-5165, ext. 259, cell 303-913-9078.

The Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) is the unified voice for Colorado’s 19 Community Health Centers (CHCs) and their patients. CHCs provide a health care home for more than 650,000 of their community members – more than one in eight people in Colorado - from 61 of the state’s 64 counties. Without CHCs, hundreds of thousands of Colorado’s low-income families and individuals would have no regular source of health care. CCHN’s mission is to increase access to high quality health care for people in need in Colorado. For more information about CCHN, please visit

Marillac Clinic RN’s on the KEKB Morning Show

Marillac Clinic RN’s, Sarah Smith and Kathleen Wilson, spent some time in May with Keyes and Dave at the KEKB studio talking to the listeners during Blood Pressure Awareness Month. 

Sarah and Kathleen were taking blood pressure readings for the radio station staff and talking on air about High Blood Pressure… signs, symptoms and treatment. 

Kathleen and Sarah on air May 2015Kathleen and KEKB DJSarah on air KEKB

Marillac expansion plans

The Daily Sentinel front page story Marillac set to expand describes our expansion plans and the grants we received as a result of our  Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) status. 

Free Press reports on Edesia Fundraiser Success

A year of planning culminated in success for Wine Country Inn’s Edesia culinary, wine and spirits event on Sunday, March 29. The annual celebration, which acts as a fundraiser for Grand Junction’s Marillac Clinic, brought in $23,000 for the healthcare organization.

Read more at the Free Press

2015 Edesia Fundraiser benefitting Marillac Clinic

Savor premier food, wine, beer and spirits in an elegant, relaxed setting at the beautiful Wine Country Inn in Palisade
When Mar 29, 2015
from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM
Where Wine Country Inn, 777 Grande River Dr., Palisade, CO
Contact Phone 970.464.5777
Add event to calendar vCal

VIP Luncheon

  • Reservations at:
  • Sunday, March 29, 2015 - 11am to 1pm 
  • Prepared by celebrity chefs
  • exclusive event, limited seating
  • One-on-one interaction with chefs
  • Chef-paired wines with cuisine 
  • $125 per person
  • $950 for table of 8
  • Must be 21 or older to attend

Chef Jesper Jonsson Will Lead Edesia Culinary Stars

Jesper Jonsson, Chef Educator at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, will be the headliner for the 2015 Edesia: A Palisade Culinary, Wine & Spirits Adventure on Sunday, March 29, at Wine Country Inn. He will create and prepare the menu for the VIP luncheon and participate in chef demonstrations.

Recently inducted as an Escoffier Disciple, Chef Jonsson’s background and training make him a natural leader for the Edesia team of Celebrity Chefs who will be demonstrating their culinary skills at Edesia this year. Before joining the Escoffier educator staff in Boulder, Jonsson was Executive Chef at Randolphs, Warwick Hotel in Denver.

“We are excited to have Chef Jonsson spearhead our culinary activities this year,” says Jack Ballenger, Food & Beverage Manager for Wine Country Inn. “I think the VIP luncheon will feature high end classical French Cuisine. Guests are in for a real treat.”

A native of Denmark, Jonsson trained in France at both Universite Paul Valery and Auguste Escoffier. With a solid background in French cuisine, he moved on to cook in Europe, New York and eventually Colorado for Danish diplomats, royalty, heads of state, captains of industry and a variety of film and sports celebrities. His guest lists have included such luminaries as Princesses Stephanie and Caroline of Monaco, Caroline Kennedy, Yoko Ono, Isabella Rossellini, Clint Eastwood, Roger Moore and Greg Norman, to name a few.

He speaks English, Danish and French. In a pinch, he can handle Italian as well.

With all his exposure, Jonsson is a down-to earth chef who takes pride in culinary simplicity, knowledge and perfect execution of his food. He has a love for Colorado game and meats and insists that Colorado lamb as absolutely equal to the best pres de sel from Brittany, France.

He comes by his love for Colorado from having lived and worked on the Western Slope and owned a popular restaurant in Meeker. Chef Jonsson has participated in Edesia for several years.

Joining Jonsson are Josh Niernberg, Executive Chef/Owner, Bin 707 Foodbar, Grand Junction; Graham Mitchell, Executive Chef, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Boulder and Tronette Alexander, Pastry Chef, Wine Country Inn.

Tickets for the VIP Luncheon from 11 am to 1 pm cost $125 per person are limited and will be sold on a first come, first reserved basis, either online or in person at the Inn. The VIP ticket also will admit a guest to the main event from 1 to 5 pm.

General admission tickets for Edesia, which will be hosted from 1 to 5 pm, on Sunday, March

29, cost $75 per person and can be purchased online at, on Grand Valley

Magazine’s website at or in person at Wine Country Inn in Palisade. Vendors are encouraged to register as soon as possible as booth space is limited For more information, call 970-464- 5777.

Edesia, which benefits Marillac Clinic, is named for the Roman Goddess of fine food and drink. Alpine Bank is the presenting sponsor, while Remy Martin, the French champagne and spirits giant, is principal title sponsor.

Other major sponsors include the Grand Junction Free Press, KKCO 11 News, Magic 93.1, The Vault 100.7, Grand Valley Magazine, Shamrock Foods, FCI Constructors, Absolute Prestige Limousine Service, Peczuh Printing, Dalby Wendland, Suzi Productions, Eagle River Associates, the Town of Palisade, the Palisade Chamber of Commerce and Wine Country Inn. 

More information about this event…

Marillac Clinic Celebrates Safety Net Clinic Week 2014

August 18-22, 2014
Marillac Clinic Celebrates Safety Net Clinic Week 2014

Safety Net Clinic Week - Aug 18-22, 2014

August 4, 2014

In an effort to celebrate, support and advocate for Colorado's health care safety net, Marillac Clinic, in partnership with ClinicNET and the Colorado Rural Health Center, is participating in the 5th annual Colorado Safety Net Clinic Week.

Brad Webb, Candidate for House District 54, visiting Marillac Clinic Palisade during Safety Net Week

Brad Webb, Candidate for House District 54, visiting Marillac Clinic Palisade during Safety Net Week

Every year, Colorado’s Safety Net Clinics (CSNCs) and Rural Health Centers (RHCs) provide an estimated 878,000 visits to approximately 332,000 Colorado residents, many in rural and underserved parts of our state. The clinics primarily serve low income, vulnerable, at-risk Coloradans who are uninsured, underinsured or insured through public programs like Medicare, Medicaid or subsidized health plans purchased through Connect for Health Colorado. CSNCs and RHCs do not receive any supplemental federal funding to provide services to uninsured or underinsured patients. Marillac Clinic sees patients who are uninsured, underinsured, publicly insured such as Medicaid and CHP+ and limited private insurance here in Mesa County. Safety net clinics, including Marillac Clinic, need the support of the community as well as local, state and national leaders to meet the current and changing health care needs of the residents of our community.

During this time of such rapid change in health care in Colorado, the significance of supporting health care safety net clinics cannot be overstated. If you are interested in learning more about our mission and model, the patients we serve, our successes and challenges and our unique role in the community please reach out to our Development Staff at 970-298-2877.

Marillac Clinic was established in 1988 and has grown into a comprehensive health care facility in Mesa County. In 2013, Marillac served over 23,000 visits to approximately 6,000 unduplicated individuals in our medical, mental health, dental and optical programs.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to a long relationship in serving our community.


Kay Ramachandran
Executive Director

2014 Spring Newsletter

2014 Spring Newsletter

Marillac Newsletter Spring/Summer 2014

Edesia Returns - Sunday March 30!

When Mar 30, 2014
from 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Where Wine Country Inn: 777 Grande River Dr Palisade
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• Culinary Feast

• Wine, Beer, Spirits

• Celebrity Chef Demos

• Shuttle Service

• Live Music

NEW this year, VIP Luncheon, 11-1

$125 ticket for both Luncheon & Full Event for the Afternoon (note: people can buy either the $125 which includes lunch too or just the $75 for the afternoon).

Buy Tickets Online at Edesia Palisade today!

VIP Luncheon

Hilltop Connect for Health Colorado

Learn about your healthcare options
When Nov 20, 2013
from 03:00 PM to 07:00 PM
Where Mesa Community Center 48973 KE Road Mesa CO 81643
Contact Name
Contact Phone (970) 250-2838
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Connect for Health Colorado 
A New Way to Shop for Health Insurance 
Sponsored by Hilltop of Grand Junction 

Attend the informative event at the Mesa Community Center for clear and concise information about our new insurance options for healthcare. Scott Beilfuss is there on behalf of Hilltop and will work with individual residents from 3pm - 6pm followed by a group presentation with PowerPoint and handouts from 6pm to 6:45pm. 

More information about this event…

2013 Marillac Clinic Fall Newsletter

In this issue...
  • Clinic welcomes new Medical Director
  • Care Teams are taking integrated care to the next level
  • A Fond Farewell to physician's assistant John Cain
  • Marillac’s new Pediatric Dental Clinic answers a pressing need
  • The Old Age Pension (OAP) Dental Assistance Program helps low-income older patients access much needed dental care.
  • Welcome Justin Van Dusen!
  • Local artist just one of thousands of our deserving neighbors whose lives are changed by Marillac Clinic each year
  • This Holiday season, you can give a gift that reflects your caring spirit and honors that same spirit in a loved one or a friend...
  • Earn an easy tax credit
  • Making a gift to Marillac can make you happier!
  • Creative ways to support Marillac
  • Marillac Clinic receives grant funding from two major Colorado foundations

Moonlight Walk: Marillac's 25th Anniversary

Music, Food, Garden Tours, Gift Shop, Butterfly House... and a Beautiful Moonlight Walk along the Riverfront Trail
When Sep 21, 2013
from 05:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Where The Botanical Gardens: 7th Street & Struthers Avenue
Contact Name Kristy Schmidt
Contact Phone (970) 298-6313
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Celebrate Marillac's 25th Anniversary!

A free fun-filled, full-moon evening!

Free Concert! Jeff Pine • Flat Top Reed

Cone on down to the Botanical Gardens at 7th Street & Struthers Avenue

25th Anniversary Celebration Partners

Partner in Excellence
St. Mary’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center
Partners in Caring Spirit
Community Hospital • Enstrom Candies • KJCT News 8 • Rocky Mountain Health Plans
Partners in Integrity
The Daily Sentinel • FCI Constructors, Inc. • Primary Care Partners • Townsquare Media • Vectra Bank Colorado • WPX Energy
Partners in Stewardship
Active Insurance Solutions • The Business Times • Callahan-Edfast Mortuary & Crematory • designKiln Chadwick, Steinkirchner, Davis & Co., P.C. • Rod and Nina Christ • Endoscopy Center of Western Colorado – Masi Khaja, M.D. FamilyHealthWest •Valley-WideHealthSystems•WellsFargoBank Partners in Good Humor
Aldrich Law,LLC • TheFrameDepot

Moonlight walk poster

Marillac Clinic Celebrates Safety Net Clinic Week

August 19-23, 2013
Marillac Clinic Celebrates Safety Net Clinic Week

Safety Net Clinic Week - Aug 19-23, 2013

In an effort to raise awareness of Colorado's health care safety net providers, MARILLAC CLINIC is participating in the fourth annual Safety Net Clinic Week, August 19-23, 2013. Sponsored by ClinicNET & the Colorado Rural Health Center, the week is devoted to educating the public and policy makers about these vitally important health care clinics - Community Safety Net Clinics (CSNCs) and federally certified Rural Health Clinics (RHCs).

There are currently 45 identified CSNCs, including MARILLAC CLINIC in Colorado; they are free clinics, community clinics, residency clinics, and select private practices. They provide health care services to low-income, uninsured and underinsured Colorado residents. Colorado has 50 federally certified RHCs that provide health care in some of the most rural and remote areas of Colorado. Annually, these clinics collectively provide an estimated 750,000 visits to approximately 300,000 patients.

Interested in learning more about Colorado’s health care safety net and Safety Net Clinic Week 2013? Contact Kristy Schmidt, Community & Donor Relations Director at Marillac Clinic, 298-2877 or 

Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Media Invitation

July 1, 2013

For Immediate Release

Beginning July 10th, Marillac Clinic and Primary Care Partners will join together to offer pediatric dental services.

Dr. Kate Hart, a pediatric dentist with Marillac Clinic for the past 5 years, will begin seeing patients at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates’ offices at 3150 N. 12th Street.  The pediatric practice is a division of Primary Care Partners.  

Uninsured patients, as well as those with Medicaid, CHP+, or Delta Dental will be accepted.

“Dental cavities are the most common chronic medical disease for children, 5 times more common than asthma,” said Dr. Mary Willy, pediatrician at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates.  

Nearly half of all children have cavities by the time they enter kindergarten, resulting in many hours lost of school absence. Early access to dental care has been found to reduce dental expenses by 40% if dental care is sought between ages 1 and 2 years.  

“The providers at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates are excited to announce the next step in providing an all-inclusive medical home to their patients and to all children in the community,” said Dr. Willy.  

Appointments will be available on Wednesdays and Thursdays. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Marillac Dental Clinic at 298-6320.

Contact:  Kristy Schmidt, Marillac Clinic, at 298-2877; or email


DATE:              Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 4:30 pm

EVENT:            Marillac Clinic Pediatric Dental Services – New Location

LOCATION:       3150 N. 12th Street, Primary Care Partners Facility – East Entrance


Please join us for the Ribbon Cutting with GJ Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the opening of Marillac Clinic’s Pediatric Dental Services second location.  Marillac Clinic and Primary Care Partners have joined together to offer pediatric dental care on site at the PCP location, 3150 N. 12th Street.  Dr. Kate Hart, pediatric dentist with Marillac Clinic can now see patients at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates’ offices, a division of Primary Care Partners.

“Dental cavities are the most common chronic medical disease for children, 5 times more common than asthma,” said Dr. Mary Willy, pediatrician at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates.  Nearly half of all children have cavities by the time they enter kindergarten, resulting in many hours of school absence.  Early access to dental care is important in developing good oral health habits.  “The providers at Western Colorado Pediatric Associates are excited to announce the next step in providing an all-inclusive medical home to their patients and to all children in the community,” said Dr. Willy. 

Appointments are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Call Marillac Dental Clinic at 298-6320 to schedule appointments.



# # #

Read Marillac's 2012 Annual Report

Dear Friends and Supporters of Marillac Clinic:

The year 2012 marked our 24th year of uninterrupted service to the Grand Junction community. Since our inception in 1988, the Clinic has provided affordable healthcare services to Mesa County’s low-to-middle income uninsured and under insured residents. As you may know, the services we offer include primary medical integrated with behavioral health, dental, optical and medication assistance. It is truly a "one-stop shop" of integrated services with a focus on providing quality outcomes for all of our patients.


2013 Marillac Clinic Spring Newsletter

25 Anniversary Year - Spring Issue
  • Get to know our new Executive Director Kay Ramachandran
  • Learn about our board of Directors and our 2012 fundraising accomplishments
  • We have a new Interim Medical Director
  • We celebrate our volunteers
  • What are the events planned for our 25th Anniversary Year
  • A note about Donations and the Enterprise Tax Zone Credits
  • Update on our Pediatrician
  • Marillac helps out with the challenges of old age

Edesia 2013! Helping Marillac raise $20k

A Palisade Culinary, Wine & Spirits Adventure has raised $20,000 to benefit Marillac Clinic
Edesia 2013! Helping Marillac raise $20k

Thank You to all who helped out!

Edesia: A Palisade Culinary, Wine & Spirits Adventure has raised $20,000 to benefit Marillac Clinic, according to Joe Scanlon, Wine Country Inn General Manager, who coordinated the event. That amount is nearly a $4,000 increase over last year’s donation of $16,200, he says. A check will be presented to Marillac’s Board of Directors at their regular meeting on Wednesday, April 24.

Alpine Bank was Presenting Sponsor for Edesia on March 24. An estimated 400-plus guests sampled delicacies prepared by local chefs, outstanding wines from Colorado vintners and an upscale array of spirits brought in by Title Sponsor Remy Cointreau, the American subsidiary of international champagne and spirits giant Remy Martin. Local breweries and distillers also presented their products.

Decked out in flowing toga with a garland of gold leaves crowning her long hair, Edesia the Roman Goddess of wine and food, directed guests into the maze of food and wine vendors who lined the lobby, halls, public rooms and adjacent areas of the host Inn. Edesia was portrayed by Sheena Lange, a Wine Country Inn employee.

Also drawing attention in his authentic kilt and gear, Buz Dabkowski, the colorful “Ambassador” for Macallan Single Malt Whiskey, poured samples and answered questions for guests. Remy Contreau brought him to town for the event.

Live music in the lobby was provided by Randy Fosburgh and Mike Gazdak, while Steve Williams and Miss Emily entertained in the Vineyard Ballroom.

The three celebrity chefs, who alternated demonstrating their skills in the Club Rooms of the Vintner’s House, were a big hit. Jean Claude Cavalera, Executive Chef of Randolph’s at the Warwick Hotel in Denver, prepared Ratatouille and Steak au Poivre, while popular Aspen Chef Glenn Smith cooked Braised Pork and Pineapple Mole. Theo Otte, Executive Chef and Owner of 626 on Rood, offered Sunchokes presented “Two Ways” with Asparagus and Porcini.

“We are thrilled with the success of Edesia, but we could not have done it without the hard work of our WCI staff and volunteers or the financial, goods and services support of our sponsors. The excellent donations of food by our chefs, as well as wines from vintners and spirits brought in by Remy Cointreau, took the event to another level,” Scanlon emphasizes.

“As a result of everyone’s generosity of time, talent and goods, we are able once again to contribute a significant amount of money to help a lot of Marillac patients.”

Scanlon says his team has already started working on Edesia 2014, having secured the continuing support of Alpine Bank and several other sponsors. The trio of chefs also expressed interest in coming back next year.

Actively pursuing outstanding chefs and restaurants from Denver to the Utah border, Scanlon is committed to establishing Edesia as the premier food and wine exposition on the Western Slope. To that end, he has authorized capitol improvements that will enhance the physical set up for next year.

“It’s not to early to sign up as a sponsor or vendor.Check our website to download the proper paperwork and to check out our photos from Edesia 2013,” Scanlon urges. “And while you are visiting the site, mark your calendars to join us in March 2014.”


Photo Opportunity: CheckPresentation,Wednesday, April24,3:45pm,MarillacClinicHQ

Press Contacts: Jean Tally or Joe Scanlon, Wine Country Inn, 970-464-5777

Marillac Clinic Helps to Put Smiles on Children

by KREX News Room's John Dias

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- A clinic that provides a variety of medical care to all residents including children is celebrating 25 years in Mesa County. 

One of the areas Marillac Clinic specializes in is dental care, which according to recent reports, remains the greatest unmet health need among U.S. children. 

“I went into a surgery because my teeth were really messed up,” said Hannah Braden, who before being adopted, didn't always have such a great smile. 


25th Anniversary Year for Marillac Clinic! "Caring * Living * Loving * Giving"

1988-2013 - Marillac Clinic celebrates 25 years of serving Mesa County with a Caring Spirit. In 2013 we will be celebrating with a number of events in the community. Special thank you to our "Sponsoring Celebration Partners" that helped make our year a special year.


Partner in Excellence

St. Mary's Hospital & Regional Medical Center

Partners in Caring Spirit

Community Hospital * Enstrom Candies * KJCT News 8 * Rocky Mountain Health Plans

Partners in Integrity

The Daily Sentinel * FCI Constructors, Inc. * Primary Care Partners * Townsquare Media * Vectra Bank Colorado * WPX Energy

Partners in Stewardship

Active Insurance Solutions * The Business Times * Callahan-Edfast Mortuary & Crematory * designKiln * Chadwick, Steinkirchner, Davis & Co., PC, * Rod & Nina Christ * Endoscopy Center of Western Colorado, Dr Masi Khaja * Family Health West * Wells Fargo Bank


January:  Kick Off Breakfast and Memorial

February:  3rd Annual Gifts from the Heart - Gourmet Cupcakes for Valentine's Day  *   6th Annual Gaglione Sausage Making Party  

March:    3rd Annual Edesia, Culinary Adventure sponsored by Wine Country Inn, a benefit for Marillac Clinic

May:  May 4th Anniversary Celebration Dinner, DoubleTree by Hilton

June - September:  Farmer's Market, downtown Grand Junction & Farmworker / Palisade BBQ 

September 21:  Moonlight Walk.  Free.  Join us at Botanical Gardens for a walk along the riverfront trail under the full moon. 


 Celebrating 25 years of a caring spirit 

May 4, 2013


Featuring nationally known guest speaker, Vallie Collins!

Vallie Collins was passenger on US Airways Flight 1549 that landed in New York's Hudson River on January 15, 2009.  Vallie will share the details of her experience during the flight and rescue. This event, that captured the heart of the nation, has become known as the "miracle on the Hudson."  In addition, she will share key learnings from the experience that will inspire and motivate all of us to treasure each and every day because 'every day is a lucky day!'

Thank you to all who attended and supported our 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner!

2012 Fall Marillac Clinic Newsletter

Marillac Clinic’s mission supports access to health care for all, especially the poor and vulnerable.

Substantive reform is the dominant topic in America’s current health care conversation. Regardless of whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA) stands, health care professionals and economists across the country acknowledge the current fee-for-service system is unsustainable. The good news is that Mesa County remains an outstanding example of what is working, as evidenced in the recent PBS documentary screened at St Mary’s Hospital last February. 

Get the entire newsletter in pdf form below:

2012 Safety Net Clinic Week

August 20-24

In an effort to raise awareness of Colorado's health care safety net providers, Marillac Clinic, in partnership with ClinicNET and the Colorado Rural Health Center, is recognizing August 20-24 as the third annual Colorado Safety Net Clinic Week. Colorado’s Community-Funded Safety Net Clinics (CSNC) and Rural Health Clinics (RHC) include 88 clinics in 33 counties throughout Colorado. 


Annually, Colorado’s CSNCs and RHCs provide an estimated 750,000 visits to 300,000 Colorado residents, many in rural parts of our state. CSNCs and RHCs do not receive any supplemental federal funding to provide these services to uninsured or underinsured patients we serve.


In 2011, Marillac Clinic provided 24,513 visits to 6,840 patients in our medical, mental health, dental, optical and medication assistance programs.  We have over 90 staff members and volunteers who do a variety of work at our clinics in Grand Junction and Palisade, as well as over 1,000 donors, whose generosity allows us to serve the most poor and vulnerable members of our community.  We would like to say thank you to all of them for their contributions to our mission.


Safety net clinics, including Marillac, rely on the support of the community as well as local, state and national leaders, to meet the growing health care needs of the residents of the Mesa County.  We encourage you to let our leaders know that you value Marillac’s work, and please consider making a donation to support this important resource in our community.


2012 Spring Newsletter from Marillac Clinic

This issue of Marillac News marks the end of an era, as we say good bye to Executive Director, Steve Hurd, who is retiring in July of this year.

Steve’s eight years of leadership as Executive Director has seen the Clinic grow and thrive in its mission to serve our community.

Our heartfelt thanks and best wishes go out to a true friend of the Clinic!

2012 Edesia Donates to Marillac Clinic

““It is a great cause, and an enjoyable way to sample the best food and wine available. Last year we were happy to present Marillac Clinic a $7,000 check. We hope that amount will be much larger this year, ” says Jerome Strack, General Manager of the Wine Country Inn, Palisade, Colorado

777 Grande River Drive

Palisade, CO 81526 




Rémy Martin is Presenting Sponsor of Edesia 2012



International spirits giant Rémy Martin will be the presenting sponsor of Edesia, a Palisade Culinary, Wine and Spirits Adventure, on Sunday, March 18, 2012 at Wine Country Inn in Palisade.


Best known for its award winning champagne cognacs, Rémy Martin also produces a variety of other premium beverage products.   Rémy Cointreau USA, the American branch of the French parent company, will showcase Piper-Sonoma brands of sparkling and still wines and top-rated The Mccallan Scotch malt whiskey.


“We are excited to have such a prestigious company whose products are known world-wide join us in presenting Edesia,” says Jerome Strack, General Manager of the Inn. “Their presence will take Edesia to a whole new level and offer wines and spirits that will compliment those that are produced locally.”


Named for the Roman goddess of fine food and wine, Edesia will feature food prepared by invited chefs and beverages poured by Rémy Martin and Colorado wineries.


Benefiting Marillac Clinic, the food, wine and spirits expo offers several levels of sponsorship.  Already on board for this year’s event are these sponsors:  The Daily Sentinel, KKCO-NBC 11 News, 92.3 The Vault and 93.1 Magic FM,  FCI Constructors, US Foodservice,  Colorado National Bank,  US Bank, RSW Partners,  Absolute Prestige Limousine Service, Dalby Wendland & Co, PC,  Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa (Moab, UT) and Wine Country Inn.


Restaurants and food vendors’ participation is by invitation only and is coordinated by Joe Scanlon, WCI Operations Manager.  To date restaurants who have committed are La Rouge, Il Bistro, Red Rose Cafe, Bin 707, Tapestry Lounge, The Cowboy and the Rose Caterers, Inari’s, Decadence Cheesecake, Wild West Steaks & Seafood  at Crossroads Wine & Spirits, Berna Bees. Pantuso’s, Fisher’s Liquor Barn and Gelato Junction.


Wineries to pour their wines include Grande River Vineyards, Talon Brands, Colterris, Carlson, DeBeque Canyon, Maison La Belle Vie, Whitewater Hill and Mesa Park.


“Because there is such an explosion of interest in food and wine pairings, we expect a larger number of guests this year, ” observes Strack, who is coordinating the expo.  “Our guest vendors will present only their best because they are showcasing their own culinary skills, fine wines and spirits.”


He points out that the $49 price per person for a ticket is well below what similar expositions command.   The organizers, who are donating goods and services, are hoping to raise significant funds for Marillac Clinic. 


“It is a great cause, and an enjoyable way to sample the best food and wine available.  Last year we were happy to present  Marillac Clinic a $7,000 check.   We hope that amount will be much larger this year,  ” he adds.


A popular feature of Edesia last year was the hourly food demonstrations by an invited celebrity chef.  The identity of this year’s guest chef, who will be demonstrating his culinary skills in the downstairs Club Room of the Vintner’s House, will be announced in the near future.


Tickets, priced at $49 per person, will be on sale at Wine Country Inn or through the Edesia website:


Strack said the participants listed were early responders and that there was still time to sign up. Prospective sponsors can contact Strack at the Inn for more information at 970-464-5777. 

Press Contact:

Jean Tally

Wine Country Inn



Piper-Sonoma and The Macallan


Piper-Sonoma draws on the long history and expertise of its French predecessor, Piper-Heidsieck, a premier maker of fine Champagne, to produce its sparkling wines. Founded in 1980, Piper-Sonoma produces sparkling wines in the same traditional methode champenoise technique as classic French champagne, but with personality and style that is “pure California. “


Winemaker Raphael Bribes uses select Chardonnay grapes, mainly from the Russian River Valley, to produce Brut sparkling and Blanc de Blancs wines, both of which have medaled consistently since the brand was established.  


While the Piper-Sonoma Wine brand is young, The McAllen single malt whiskey label has  a long, illustrious history.   It has been distilled in Speyside, Scotland, near Easter Elchies House on the River Spey since 1824.


Originally, The Macallan was matured in oak sherry casks from Jerez, Spain.  The distiller explains that  aging in sherry casks enhances the color of the scotch.   The original scotch is generally distributed in 12-year old or 18-year-old bottles although older, more expensive 25, 30 and 60-year old scotches are also available.


Since 2004, however, the company has also aged the whiskey in American bourbon oak casks, producing unique choices for customers. Today there are several selections of the Fine Oak aged scotch.


Many rare, special releases and other small production run bottlings also exist.  For example, a 1926 bottle of The Macallan was sold by Christie’s at auction in 2007 for $54,000.   Then in 2010 Sotheby’s in New York sold at auction a 64-year old The Macallan single malt in a one of a kind Lalique crystal decanter for $460,000.


Proceeds were donated to a charity that helps developing countries provide clean drinking water for their citizens.




2011 Fall Marillac Clinic Newsletter

A report to the friends of the Marillac Clinic

In 2011, the Clinic expanded and renewed its commitment by adding evening hours one night a week at our GJ clinic and, for the first time ever, adding a dental clinic one day a month in Palisade! Our mission is to serve the poor, and we have carried that mission forward through good times and bad for over 23 years.

2011 Marillac Clinic Family Health Fiesta

FREE - October 22! Family, food and fun!


(South of North Avenue on 12th Street)

  • Dental Screenings
  • Vision Screenings
  • Diabetes Screenings
  • Blood Pressure Screenings


  • Lots of Health & Information booths including info on all flu vaccines
  • Food and nutrition
  • Entertainment
  • Children's activities and books
  • Spanish language interpreters and more


Call 298-6313 for additional information

You may Qualify!

Application Assistance for CHP+ and Medicaid!
Bring Social Security Numbers or and original stat-issued birth certificate, 
photo ID for 16 years and older and parent's pay stub for last 30 days.

2011 An Important Message for Friends of Marillac Clinic!

From our director - Steve Hurd PhD

September 2011

Dear Friend,

Greetings from Steve!

As most of you know, I suffered a nearly fatal heart attack while I was in Atlanta last January. Without a single warning, my life changed dramatically. I transitioned from excellent health to a highly vulnerable person, totally dependent on health care providers who were brand new faces for me.

After several months of working hard in cardiac rehab, my heart has gotten stronger. In mid-August, my physician cleared me to work twenty hours a week. God truly blessed me in providing me the resources I needed to stay alive and return to the community I love. Thank you for all your prayers and support you offered on my behalf.

When I sought services from new health care providers in Atlanta, I quickly realized how fortunate I am to have adequate health insurance. Every provider’s office asked me for my insurance carrier at the very beginning of the conversation. I wondered to myself, “What if I were uninsured? Would the provider agree to see me? Could I have afforded to participate in cardiac rehab?”

My patient experience added immensely to my gratitude for living in Mesa County. For the past 23 years, our community has responded to the needs of the uninsured by organizing a comprehensive system that strives to provide high quality health care for all of our residents. If my heart attack occurred in Grand Junction, I know I would receive the care I needed regardless of my insurance status.

At Marillac

I’m proud that nearly all Marillac patients pay a portion of the cost of their care. Presently, patients provide over 20% of the revenue Marillac receives. Staff works hard to secure another 20% of our revenue from grants and foundations.

What has made Marillac successful is the continuity of the financial support that you and other like-minded people provide to Marillac. All of our donors share a passion to help those among us who have few economic resources to pay the cost of their health care.

Marillac Challenges

Marillac now faces a stiff challenge. The long recession in our country directly impacts Marillac’s ability to provide timely service. Staff has responded by extending Clinic hours to 6 pm so patients do not have to miss work. Our dental clinic is open until 8 pm one evening per week. We also added dental services to our Palisade site. However, this does not adequately meet the demand for our services.

Prior to the recession, the state of Colorado provided nearly 16% of our revenue. Due to our high unemployment rate, the number of patients waiting to receive care grows daily. I am sad to inform you that dramatic cuts from the state have resulted in Marillac resorting to a waiting list. Currently, new patients wait nearly six weeks before they can be seen. We needed to reduce the number of same-day appointments, and Marillac now refers some urgent care needs to our community’s emergency rooms rather than in a less expensive clinic setting.

I am appealing for your help to re-establish the momentum that we achieved prior to the recession. Please consider making a larger donation to Marillac and making your contribution earlier than you usually do.

I’m distressed that I need to ask our generous, giving community for additional assistance now. However, our diminished state revenue has resulted in the need for Marillac to seek immediate local financial support. Our staff still continues to aggressively seek additional support from grants and foundations. I pledge our staff will be good stewards of your donation.

Times like these define who we are. Our community is one where neighbors help neighbors during difficult times. We have survived downward economic cycles before, and we became stronger as a result.

In May Marillac obtained the Colorado Enterprise Zone designation, so your contribution may result in a tax credit on your Colorado income tax. If you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact our donor relations specialist, Claudia Crowell, at 298-2234.

Thank you for your generosity.

Steve Hurd, Ph.D.






Marillac Clinic welcomes underserved people and provides compassionate, innovative, and essential health care.

Marillac Clinic takes a leadership role to promote access to quality health care for all.


2011 Annual Report Message from Marillac's Judy Hegge

Our Patients are at the Heart of Everything we do.

May 2011 marked the 23rd anniversary of Marillac Clinic

2011 Spring Marillac Clinic Newsletter

May 2, 2011 marks the 23rd anniversary of Marillac Clinic in our community.

 It's a great time to reflect on why and how we began, grew and evolved over the years to the comprehensive and integrated, community-funded safety net clinic we know today. 

Our mission has remained constant... to prioritize the poor and the vulnerable people living among us and through our vision... to provide compassionate, innovative and essential health care.

2011 Edesia Donates $7,000 to Marillac Clinic

“We are extremely pleased and grateful to all our participants and guests who made our first Edesia successful,” Strack said. “We’re looking forward to 2012 with every expectation of being more successful in raising funding for Marillac Clinic. “
2011 Edesia Donates $7,000 to Marillac Clinic

Photo ID: Left to right, Judy Hegge, Kristy Schmidt, Jerome Strack, Juliann Adams and Claudia Crowell.


777 Grande River Drive

Palisade, CO 81526 




Edesia Donates $7,000 to Marillac Clinic


Palisade, CO, April 8: Edesia: A Palisade Culinary, Wine & Spirits Adventure raised $7,000 for Marillac Clinic at its inaugural event on March 20 at the Wine Country Inn.

Edesia Chair Jerome Strack and Juliann Adams, both of Wine Country Inn, presented a check for $7,000 to Marillac representatives Judy Hegge, Kristy Schmidt and Claudia Crowell this week.

Edesia, which was named after the Roman goddess of wine and fine food, was sponsored by US Bank, the Daily Sentinel, NBC 11 News, the Vault 92.3, US Foodservice, Peczuh Printers, Absolute Prestige Limousine Service Ltd, FCI Constructors and Wine Country Inn. Local chefs, restaurants, wineries and spirits companies donated goods and services for the event.

“We are extremely pleased and grateful to all our participants and guests who made our first Edesia successful,” Strack said. “We’re looking forward to 2012 with every expectation of being more successful in raising funding for Marillac Clinic. “

He said organizers have already scheduled March 18 at Wine Country Inn for Edesia: 2012.


Press Contact:

Jean Tally Wine Country Inn


2011 Gifts from the Heart from Marillac Clinic

A Marillac Clinic Fundraiser

This Valentine’s Day do something sweet for yourself or 

someone you care about! Gourmet cupcakes are the 

perfect way to say HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!...

and your purchase will benefit the mission of Marillac Clinic 

right here in our community!


Each beautifully packaged box contains four gourmet cupcakes:


Red Velvet, Chocolate Supreme, Lavendar Raspberry, and Pink Lemonade

lovingly prepared by Ava Sweet Cakes.





MONDAY, FEB. 7, 2011




VA L E N T I N E !




 Vectra Bank Logo

AlphaGraphics • Edward Jones/Jim Roland • Blythe Group + co

The Business Times • Cumulus Radio • KJCT News 8 • The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

Molly McGrath at Mesa State Art Dept. • Ava Sweet Cakes at the Business Incubator


2010 A Holiday Letter to Our Neighbors from Marillac Clinic

OUR VISION... Marillac Clinic welcomes underserved people and provides compassionate, innovative, and essential health care. Marillac Clinic takes a leadership role to promote access to quality health care for all. (Please see attached Holiday Letter from Steve Hurd and Marillac Clinic.)

November, 2010 


Dear Friend, 

Every day, people from all walks of life find hope and compassion at Marillac Clinic! These are your neighbors. They are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. 

Most come from hard-working families. Some are between jobs. Some are old and some are young. All are deserving of our compassion. When you donate to Marillac Clinic, your gift will be going to a local organization with an unparalleled record of responsible stewardship. Marillac is a true patient-centered medical home that serves thousands of families in need right here in Mesa County. 

You may currently have health insurance. If you do, you are indeed fortunate. But try to imagine just for a moment what your life might be like without it. Most of us are just a layoff away from becoming uninsured. 

Every year, more and more people find themselves unable to access or afford basic health insurance or health care.  This year, Marillac has devoted special attention to unmet dental health needs in our community. It’s a growing national problem that we’re working hard to address with innovative and pro-active programs. 

Marillac is a unique local response to a growing national problem.  

If you are a long time supporter of the Clinic, you can be proud of what you have helped to create. If you are just learning about Marillac, welcome! We are honored to be in our 23rd year of service to our community. While much has changed during those years, and more changes are coming, one thing remains constant – our commitment to provide quality, affordable health care to the uninsured and the underserved . Our mission directs us to prioritize our care to the poor or vulnerable among us. That will never change! 


As you consider your end-of-year giving, we hope you'll think of Marillac and the thousands of people who turn to us every year! Best wishes for a blessed holiday season! 


Steve Hurd, Ph.D. 

Executive Director 


P.S. Over the holidays, we often wish we could to do something special for others as a way to bring the deeper meaning of the season a little closer to home. Your gift right here in your community could mean the world to a less fortunate neighbor. 


2010 Fall Marillac Clinic Newsletter

Despite challenging times, Marillac’s Dental Clinic continues to serve more families, children, and seniors...

In 1991, Marillac took the bold and innovative step of adding dental care to better serve the families of our community. In doing so, the Clinic became one of the very few community clinics in the country to offer dental services to its patients.

Get the PDF here

2010 Colorado Colorectal Screening Program

Marillac Partners with Local Physicians

Marillac Clinic Partners with Local Physicians to Administer the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program


Colorado Colorectal Screening Program is a statewide program that partners with community clinics, their screening partners and their treatment partners to provide endoscopic colorectal screening services and treatment of colorectal cancer cases diagnosed through the program to the medically underserved.  In addition, the Program promotes colorectal screening awareness to Coloradans age 50 and older.


Locally, Marillac Clinic has partnered with University of Colorado Cancer Center to administer the Screening Program in Mesa County since 2007.   During the past 3 ½ years, Marillac referred over 350 patients for screening colonoscopies through this program.  


Program Screening Facts:

The Program has screened over 10,000 patients state-wide since 2006.

Adenomas (those polyps most likely to develop into cancer) are found and removed in approximately 25 % of screens.

One percent of those screened are diagnosed with colorectal cancer.


Patients eligible for the Program must be:

Lawfully present Colorado residents ages 50 and older (average risk) or those under 50 with personal or family history of colon cancer (elevated risk);

Under 250% Federal Poverty Level;

Uninsured, or the holder of an insurance plan that does not cover ANY costs for endoscopic colorectal screening;

A patient of a clinic that participates in the Program;

Meets the criteria of eligibility for screening under American Cancer Society guidelines.



Colon cancer, or cancer of the large intestine, is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths.  Colon cancer occurs when polyps (abnormal tissue growths in the colon lining) progress into cancer.  Not all polyps progress into cancer, but nearly all colon cancers come from polyps.  Polyps can be detected by a colonoscopy, a test for the doctor to see inside the entire colon.  For the average risk person, the American Cancer Society recommends colonoscopy every ten years starting at age 50.  If every Coloradan age 50 or older would be screened for polyps, over half of the deaths from colon cancer could be prevented.  


Marillac Clinic is proud to partner with our local specialists and hospitals to screen and treat patients under the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program.  Special thanks and recognition to: 


Grand Junction Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center

Brent Prosser, MD;  Peter Walsh, DO;  Steven Seagren, MD;   Eugene Crafton, MD


Gastroenterology Associates Center of Western Colorado

Masi Khaja, MD


Surgical Associates of Western Colorado

Brad Baldwin, DO;  Andrew Morse, DO;  Daniela Schupp, MD; Steven O’Dell, DO



Grand Junction Pathology, The Pathology Group, St. Mary’s Hospital and Community Hospital


For more information on the Colorado Colorectal Screening Program contact Marillac Clinic, Patient Navigator, 298-1782 or visit




2010 Marillac Clinic's Dental Days Are Here!

One-Day Back to School Event!


  • $10 Exam/Cleaning for Uninsured Low-Middle Income Mesa County Kids* Ages: Toddler to 18 yrs 
  • Exams, X-rays
  • Cleanings & Fluoride Varnish
  • No Cost for Kids with CHP+ and Medicaid
  • Providing fun, interactive dental health education & activities
  • Free dental kit
*Uninsured kids needing follow up dental care may be eligible for possible grant funds for future treatment.  Must be Mesa County resident and meet income guidelines.
See Marillac Dental Receptionist for details.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Appointments every 30 minutes



Limited Slots

Marillac Clinic
2333 N. 6th St.
Grand Junction, CO 

2010 Marillac Clinic Participates Smile-a-Bration

Marillac Press Release

For Immediate Release



Marillac Clinic participates in new Smile-a-bration Program to expand dental care for Mesa County uninsured children

Marillac Clinic announced that it will participate in the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation new iteration of the Smile-a-bration insurance program for children.  
A collaboration with Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation Smile-a-bration program will enable Marillac to offer this new program to provide additional preventive dental care and treatment to more low income and uninsured children.  The program allows eligible children up to $1,000 of dental care with no copay.  The Foundation allocated a limited number of slots to see children at Marillac Clinic.


Smile-a-bration is a dental insurance program for children 18 years of age and younger from families with low-middle income.  Benefits of this program include preventive and diagnostic services, basic restorative services, oral surgery and endodontics. The maximum benefit is $1,000 per person for 12 months or until the $1,000 is expended, whichever happens first.  There is no copay requirement. There is an enrollment process, the patient/family must meet the eligibility guidelines of Marillac Clinic.  


Now Marillac will expand its existing outreach to uninsured children in the community who would not otherwise be able to afford a visit to the dentist and schedule them for treatment throughout the year.


“We are proud to partner with Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation on this important program,” said Kristy Schmidt, Director of Community and Consumer Relations, of Marillac Clinic. “Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation shares our commitment of preventing dental disease by reaching out to identify and treat those children who simply cannot afford to see a dentist. Some of these children had severe dental problems, having never before seen a dentist. With this funding, we hope this will ease some of the financial burden families face.”


Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation is devoted to improving oral health in Colorado by funding projects and initiatives that stress prevention and advance the science and practice of dentistry. It is funded solely by Delta Dental of Colorado, the largest and most experienced dental benefits carrier in the state.


For more information on Marillac Clinic's mission and services in Mesa County visit

Press contact only: Kristy Schmidt 298-2877


2009 Marillac Clinic Annual Report

“Always look forward, never look back... Look forward to the good that is yet to be done.” -Mother Xavier Ross
2009 Marillac Clinic Annual Report

Steve Hurd

Looking ahead to the good that is yet to be done! 

Steve Hurd, Ph.D.
Executive Director 

A challenging year

2009 was a challenging year for the Grand Valley, and Marillac Clinic was no exception.  Not since the early years of the Clinic have resources been so stretched. As Colorado state government addressed its budget crisis, the state reduced funding to Marillac by nearly $750,000... Read More

Download the full 2009 Annual Report PDF below.

602 Marillac Clinic Remodel Celebration: May 10, 2010 4:30p-6p

Marillac Clinic announces celebration to honor volunteers who worked on Remodel project.



Marillac Clinic announces celebration to honor volunteers who worked on Remodel project.

May 10, 4:30-6:00 pm at the 602 Bookcliff location.

  • light refreshments (punch & cookies)
  • presentation of the volunteer community group with a plaque.  

In July, 2009, a group of community-minded individuals heard that the Marillac Clinic needed some help in remodeling an acquired building for use by their administrative staff.  Over the next several months the group began to grow and coalesce to meet some of Marillac's needs and objectives for the new office space. During this time group leaders, Amanda McQuade and Joe Wharton, obtained the services of a strong general contractor, Duke Cox of Escalante Builders and architectural consulting from Nora Martin of Chamberlin Architects.  Both professionals generously provided services at no cost to the clinic.
The 602remodel project is a totally volunteer effort by many local citizens who realize the terrific benefits Marillac Clinic provides to the community, and who have been working in concert with Marillac to remodel this facility at 602 Bookcliff Avenue to house offices, training, and similar efforts for Marillac.

 "We needed to transform exam rooms in this building into offices, waiting rooms into meeting/training rooms, and a small bathroom into a more modern, ADA-compliant facility.  It was the objective of the 602remodel volunteer organization to complete this remodeling project start to finish, utilizing volunteer labor, volunteer supplied materials, and donated funds." said Kristy Schmidt, Director of Community and Consumer Relations. "We had a general contractor and local architect develop the plans for the remodel.  The contractor is a local, dedicated company doing this project at no cost.  The team also recruited other skilled professionals as these needs were identified. One of the primary uses of this expanded facility will be training – especially in the area of Electronic Medical Records, which will bring greater efficiencies to the Clinic and our patients. We are really proud to celebrate the completion of this project, and look forward to this event to recognize the incredible generosity of spirit and talent that so many put forth to support the mission of the Clinic."

Press Only Contact:

Kristy Schmidt

Director of Community & Consumer Relations
Marillac Clinic
2333 N. 6th St.
Grand Junction, CO 81501

2010 20th Anniversary Open Houses

Celebrating 20 years at Marillac Clinic

Come celebrate what we have accomplished together!

Marillac Clinic will mark 20 years of service to the people of Mesa County with an open house at each of our Clinic locations.

Because you are a friend of the Clinic, we would like you
to be a part of this special celebration.

Please be our guest for light snacks and a chance to meet and visit with fellow
supporters and Clinic staff.

And thanks for the memories!


Open Houses at Marillac

Palisade: Thursday, October 23, 2008 • 5 pm to 6:30 pm
707 Elberta • Palisade, Colorado 81526
Grand Junction: Thursday, November 13, 2008 • 5 pm to 6:30 pm
2333 N. 6th Street • Grand Junction, CO 81501


RSVP: or 970-298-6313

(Let us know which open house you'd like to attend and
how many in your party. We look forward to seeing you!)


Palisade Clinic

Marillac opens a new clinic in Palisade to address east valley population and Farmworker health.
Palisade Clinic

Marillac Clinic in Palisade

We have opened the Marillac Clinic in Palisade at 707 Elberta Avenue. The clinic provides medical services to the east Grand Valley population we serve, and also teams up with Valley-Wide Health Systems to provide Farmworker health.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  8 am – 5 pm

Wednesday 11 - 8 pm

Friday 8 am - Noon


Beginning in January 2011

The clinic will be open on Thursday until 8pm - GJ and Palisade

Need an evening appointment? Come see us until 8 pm on Wednesdays.

Marillac Clinic Launches New Website

Marillac Clinic announced today that it has launched its official website:
Marillac Clinic Launches New Website

Marillac Clinic - Serving the Uninsured of Mesa County

Marillac Clinic
News Release

For Immediate Release

Marillac Clinic Launches New Website
Marillac Clinic announced today that it has launched its official website:

The Clinic, which serves uninsured and low income Mesa County residents, provides medical, dental, integrated mental health and optical services, as well as a medication outlet for low cost prescriptions.

Commenting on the new site, Steve Hurd, Executive Director, stated "We are very excited to be able provide this site for our patients and supporters. The web site is full of great information about the Clinic's programs and services. In addition to descriptions of our facilities and services, there is information about ongoing outreach and pro-active screenings, as well as patient eligibility, volunteerism, employment, donations and much more."

The new site was created as a collaboration of two local firms. DesignKiln and ReSource Design worked with a task force of key Marillac staff. "It was  very smooth process", said John Anglim, owner of Resource Design, "DesignKiln brought their state of the art approach to create a site that is very user-friendly and flexible enough to grow with the Clinic's needs"

"We are committed to the ongoing process of maintaining and improving our site so that it will continue to serve our patients and supporters in the most efficient way." said Kristy Schmidt, Marillac's Director of Community and Consumer Relations "We look forward to the site becoming an important tool in helping to keep our community informed about all the wonderful services and people at Marillac." She continued, "Even longtime friends and supporters of the Clinic will discover new things about the Clinic on the web site, and newcomers will find a wealth of great information about all of our programs."

Marillac Clinic has served the Grand Valley since 1988 and has grown dramatically in recent years to meet the ever increasing need of uninsured and low income families in the Grand Valley. In addition to the main location at 2333 North 6th Street in Grand Junction, Marillac has added a new clinic in Palisade to serve the residents of eastern Mesa County in addition to the migrant and seasonal farmworkers in our community.

Contact Information:

Grand Junction Medical Clinic

Dental Clinic

Palisade Clinic

Press Only:
for additional clinic information or to schedule interviews, call: Kristy Schmidt
Director of Community and Consumer Relations

Sister's of Charity of Leavenworth 150th Jubilee Year

The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth are beginning a year of jubilee nationwide to celebrate the 150th anniversary of their founding on Nov. 11, 1858.


Marillac Clinic is exceedingly grateful to the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth for their steadfast support and leadership. We join with them this year in celebrating the 150th Anniversary of their arrival in Kansas with Mother Xavier Ross and a small group of Sisters. This, 2007-2008 will be their 150th Jubilee year.

The Sisters established ministries to educate young people, care for the sick and provide a home for orphans. Their history is rich and key to the work we do here at Marillac Clinic.

Thank you Sisters and Congratulations on your 150th year!

Marillac's 2006/07 Annual Report

06/07 Annual Report now available on-line
Marillac's 2006/07 Annual Report


A Message from the Director...

Steve Hurd, PhD


Fiscal year 2006-2007:   Upstream! It continues to be the key strategy for the Clinic. In the past year, we have further developed our early outreach programs and screenings to access an ever growing patient base. I am confident that just as our integrated model has become nationally recognized and acclaimed, so too, will our aggressive outreach strategies. Marillac continues to identify local solutions to our national health care challenges. As more and more employers find it increasingly difficult to provide health insurance for their employees, greater access to Marillac services for families in our community becomes more crucial every day. We are honored to belong to this wonderful community and look forward to a future of even greater service.

...To view the complete annual report, click on the file below.

Optometrist Visits Guatemala

Marillac Optometrist Participates in Eye Mission Trip to Guatemala.
Optometrist Visits Guatemala

Dr Ashley Elliott, OD

In March, Ashley Elliott, OD, Marillac Optometrist, traveled with a group of 26 other medical volunteers from Vision Health International to Guastatoya, Guatemala. This is Dr. Elliott’s third such trip.

During VHI’s one week stay, over 1700 patients were evaluated and received services ranging from eyeglasses to sight-restoring surgery. “The experience of helping to restore the gift of sight to those in need is indescribable,” said Dr. Elliott.

Dr. Elliott hopes to return to Guatemala next year for a similar trip.


Nightingale State Finalist!

Michelle Bryant, Family Nurse Practitioner at Marillac Clinic, state finalist for 2007 Nightingale Award
Nightingale State Finalist!

Michelle Bryant

 The 2007 Florence Nightingale Nursing Awards Banquet for the state finalists was held Saturday, May12th in Denver, Colorado.  Marillac Clinic is proud to have Michelle Bryant, Family Nurse Practitioner at the Clinic, selected as one of 15 state finalists for the 2007 Nightingale Award. Michelle was selected as a state finalist at the Regional Awards Banquet on March 31st. 
Registered nurses throughout Colorado are nominated in the fall of each year by solicitation from the Colorado Area Health Education Centers System (AHEC). Fifteen finalists are selected by the regions and forwarded to the State Selection Committee, who determines the final six recipients

Cindy Neal of Marillac Clinic previously won the Nightingale award in 2005.

The Nightingale Awards
The Nightingale Awards event was founded in 1985 to honor nurses who best exemplify the philosophy and practice of Florence Nightingale, a 19th century nursing pioneer who epitomized the art of helping people toward their optimal health.

Michelle, we are so proud to have you as a member of the Marillac team. Heartfelt congratulations to you!

Marillac names four new board members

New board members for 07/08

Dr Kenneth Lampert

Beginning his fifth period of service on the board of the clinic Dr Lampert helped to establish.  Before he retired he worked at the Health Department and the Regional Center.  He has volunteered his time at Marillac as a physician for the last 10 years.  Dr Lampert serves on several other non-profit boards including MDS. 

Andrea Metz

Andrea co-owns Design Kiln, a web development company.  Her company designed Marillac's website and is working with other local non-profits such as KAFM Community Radio, The Center for Independence, RSVP, and the Caprock Academy.  Previously, she worked for Microsoft, MSNBC, MSN, and the Swedish firm EF Education.

April Mestas

April a graduate of the School of Mines.  She currently works as an Operations Engineer for Williams Exploration and Production. Previously, she worked for several other energy related firms including Halliburton and Western Colorado Testing. 

Nancy Paregien

Nancy is a Mesa State College graduate.  She currently is the Director of Finance/Payroll for School District 51.  Previously, Nancy worked in several financial positions.  She was a CPA with a local accounting firm, controller of a local construction company, and worked for Mesa County and the City of Grand Junction.  She has served  on the Board of the Girl Scouts of Chipeta Council as their Treasurer.

20 Years of Service to Mesa County 1988-2008

Marillac Clinic's 20th Anniversary Celebration Events

In recognition of Marillac’s 20th Anniversary year, the clinic is celebrating a series of activities designed to thank the many people who have contributed to the clinic’s success.

A Patient's Letter...

We received this letter recently from a friend of the clinic. It speaks volumes about what the clinic meant to this patient. Multiply this experience by hundreds of thousands of times and you get an idea of what the clinic means to the community it has served for twenty years!

No one sets out to be uninsured. When I decided to switch career paths and move to the Western Slope, I knew that I¹d be trading away urban amenities and opportunities for a quieter path through life, but I didn't give much thought to health insurance. I was healthy and adventurous--healthcare simply wasn't something I thought about.
I'm still healthy and adventurous, but I'm older, and over the years, things have come up. I've been genetically blessed with a sound body, so I've spent very little time with doctors on my own behalf--I've spent far more time accompanying other people to their doctor's appointments. 
Menopause was the beginning of my adventures in medicine. While I looooove being post-menopausal, getting here was a rough road that took years to navigate--I could not have made the trip safely, or sanely, without medical help.
I've done a lot of different kinds of work since I moved here--only one job ever included health benefits. They just seem to have disappeared as part of the employment package as the years went by.  When it came time to see a doctor, I had absolutely no idea where to go.
About that time, Marillac Clinic began advertising a screening program for women going into menopause--I remember the billboards. I wasn't sure, at that point, just what 'menopause' meant, exactly, but I was pretty sure I had it, and it wasn't going well. My body was messing with me in ways that defied understanding--sometimes several times a day. I came close to ripping off my clothing as I sat in a classroom at Mesa State one winter day--temperature changes ruled my life.
My attitude towards our health care system has never been that good--I grew up around it, I knew so many people in it, and I'd worked with political and social institutions that governed and/or controlled health care. I'd spent a lot of time with issues about providing health care benefits to the indigent, so I knew what 'charity' medical care can be like. I never expected to be walking into a clinic for the uninsured--I hadn't expected to travel downscale.
I signed up for the Marillac program so I could figure out how not to kill myself, or someone else, before the next hot flash. I wanted to be back in control of my body and mind again. I was possessed by the Evil Demon Menopause, and I wanted him cast out!!! Yes, I believe that menopause was designed by a man. Go figure.
With expectations low and my pride taking a hit, I turned myself over to Marillac Clinic. It may have been the third most intelligent decision I ever made in my life (after having my daughter, and moving here), and I have been grateful for them every day since.
Why isn't everyone's health care as gracious, comprehensive, reasonable, and intelligent as Marillac's? I don't mean that they're the fanciest, or the quietest (Marillac is full of the sounds of life--if this were Sesame Street, Marillac would be their clinic. The whole world passes through there--GREAT people watching!). You do rub up against humanity there. Personally, I think that helps build up healthy immunities, so I don¹t mind. I have that kind of immune system.

The quality of treatment and care is just stunningly good. I have never been rushed. Never been talked down to. Never been left in the dark, or in the lurch. Never been turned away. I look forward to seeing the staff--their system works smoothly, courteously, and with great humor. And, I can afford it. It isn't free--it's accessible if your income is low enough. Which mine is. There's nothing in my socio-economic background that predicted that I'd one day need the services of a clinic for uninsured people. It was hard for me to walk in there. What if I hadn't? Let's not go there!
Its Marillac's twentieth anniversary, so I thought I¹d take a moment to say thank you. Thank you to all the people behind the clinic, and to the funders/fundraisers of Colorado who have made this marvelous service available to people like me. Yeah--people like me. I¹m one of those people that is served by Marillac, and I'm lucky to be able to say that.

The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

Early February 2008

Phone-a-thon whereby volunteers call past and current supporters merely to thank them for their support.

Spring and Summer '08

Marillac hosts two open houses, one at the Grand Junction clinic and one at the Palisade Clinic.
Watch for further details.

April 30, 2008
A staff and volunteer appreciation luncheon

May 17, 2008
The clinic hosts an invitation-only 20th Anniversary celebration event at the Double Tree Hotel.