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2010 A Holiday Letter to Our Neighbors from Marillac Clinic

OUR VISION... Marillac Clinic welcomes underserved people and provides compassionate, innovative, and essential health care. Marillac Clinic takes a leadership role to promote access to quality health care for all. (Please see attached Holiday Letter from Steve Hurd and Marillac Clinic.)

November, 2010 


Dear Friend, 

Every day, people from all walks of life find hope and compassion at Marillac Clinic! These are your neighbors. They are mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. 

Most come from hard-working families. Some are between jobs. Some are old and some are young. All are deserving of our compassion. When you donate to Marillac Clinic, your gift will be going to a local organization with an unparalleled record of responsible stewardship. Marillac is a true patient-centered medical home that serves thousands of families in need right here in Mesa County. 

You may currently have health insurance. If you do, you are indeed fortunate. But try to imagine just for a moment what your life might be like without it. Most of us are just a layoff away from becoming uninsured. 

Every year, more and more people find themselves unable to access or afford basic health insurance or health care.  This year, Marillac has devoted special attention to unmet dental health needs in our community. It’s a growing national problem that we’re working hard to address with innovative and pro-active programs. 

Marillac is a unique local response to a growing national problem.  

If you are a long time supporter of the Clinic, you can be proud of what you have helped to create. If you are just learning about Marillac, welcome! We are honored to be in our 23rd year of service to our community. While much has changed during those years, and more changes are coming, one thing remains constant – our commitment to provide quality, affordable health care to the uninsured and the underserved . Our mission directs us to prioritize our care to the poor or vulnerable among us. That will never change! 


As you consider your end-of-year giving, we hope you'll think of Marillac and the thousands of people who turn to us every year! Best wishes for a blessed holiday season! 


Steve Hurd, Ph.D. 

Executive Director 


P.S. Over the holidays, we often wish we could to do something special for others as a way to bring the deeper meaning of the season a little closer to home. Your gift right here in your community could mean the world to a less fortunate neighbor.