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Marillac Clinic Grand Junction, Colorado Medical Group

The Marillac Clinic provides high-quality primary and preventive services for residents of Mesa County without insurance. Some public programs such as Medicaid are accepted.  From routine and preventive care, to more complicated or chronic conditions, Marillac is here for the families and individuals in our community.  We have two locations in Grand Junction and Palisade. 

Integrated Care Services

  • Individual & Family Counseling
  • Referral to Specialists
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Group Therapy
  • Medical/Mental Health


Joint Appointments

  • Case Management
  • Medication Management
  • Same-day Urgent Care Appts

Integrated Care

Simply put, integrated care recognizes that patients are best served when health care providers treat the whole person - not just a single symptom or condition.

At Marillac Clinic we understand that stress and other psychological problems can impact one's health. In turn, physical ailments can impact one's mental well-being. Treating both together makes a successful outcome much more likely.

This approach has been developed over the last several years at Marillac and has become the standard for the highest quality of care across the country. That standard is available to you at Marillac Clinic.

Marillac's staff of dedicated and caring professionals treat the whole person, not just an isolated symptom. Marillac's philosophy of Integrated Care has been recognized nationwide as a 'best practice' model. Increasing numbers of physicians and clinics are employing some of the innovative approaches developed at Marillac over the last several years. Read more: Mental Health

Health and Wellness
John Kupfner, Medical Director and Andrea, Nurse Practitioner


Referral Specialists
When a condition is diagnosed that falls outside the expertise of the doctors and health care professionals on staff at the clinic, more than 100 local referral specialists in practically every discipline will see Marillac patients at a dramatically reduced rate. It's another example of how working together, the local medical community is helping to address the growing national problem of access to health care.

Outreach and Preventive Care
Unfortunately, most people without insurance tend to wait until they are more seriously ill before seeking treatment. Such delays make it more difficult and more expensive to restore health and/or manage chronic conditions. Marillac Clinic focuses on early intervention, education and outreach in order to interrupt this cycle. This pro-active approach empowers patients to become full partners in creating a culture of healthy habits and lifestyles. Healthy inpiduals make for healthy families. Healthy families make for a healthier community. Good health helps our patients stay productive at work, at school and at home.

Additionally, outreach is provided at the Catholic Outreach Day Center. A medical provider and social worker provide medical and mental health services to the homeless clients at the Day Center one  day  per week. For more information on the Day Center, visit


Eligibility at the Medical Clinic- It's easier than ever to qualify for care

Eligibility for services at the The Marillac Clinic begins with a phone call. If you are a Mesa County resident, call (970) 298-1782 to determine if you might be eligible to receive your health care at Marillac Clinic.  Marillac Clinic now accepts Medicaid and Rocky Mountain Health Plans insurance.  New patients welcome!

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